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Learn Automation in 4 months

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Course Duration:

4 months

Class Size:


Tuition Fee:


4 hours of classroom instruction per week

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Classes held at : 580 Executive Center, Dublin, CA 94568. (More locations coming soon!)

“Highly Recommended for QA analysts.┬áThis Java Script API training is in-depth and the hands on exercises given in each lesson is very helpful to learn it thoroughly.”

Anandi Ratna, Sr. QA Professional



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Twice a week


hours of classroom instruction per week:

Saturday 10 am – 12 pm

Sunday 10 am – 12 pm

Optional office hours:

Sunday 1 pm – 5 pm

In class or via zoom

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“Great introduction to automation, javascript and basic fundamentals of coding. I like how the class focuses on functions and objects. Simple enough for beginners to grasp the concept of how to code.”

Automated API Testing Course Outline

Code like a Developer!

Test like an Automation Engineer!!

Part 03

REST API Fundamentals,


Basics of Node JS

Develop REST APIs in NodeJS to understand the concepts by hands-on coding

Learn to use Postman / Newman for API testing

Iteratively do the following using various REST APIs provided by Automation School and/or other public REST APIs :

1) Using the provided API documention, come up with the API Requests to make

2) Write Automated API tests in JavaScript using Postman to check the API responses

3) Execute the API tests in Postman / Newman and find the bugs in the API!

4) Log the bugs you find. (Special recognition for you, if you find the most number of bugs in the API under test!!)

Part 02

JavaScript Course on TreeHouse

The TreeHouse training portal access will be provided by Automation School; access provided for a duration of 2 months as part of this course at no extra cost.

Part 01

Source Code Control Using GIT

Variables, Assignment

Literals, Operators, Basic Control Flow

Advanced Operators, Control Flow with Loops

Functions, Return values, Parameters

Arrays and Objects

Loops with Arrays, Sorting

Arrays of Objects, Nested Objects,
String / Array Classes Reference

Scope, Let vs Var, Multi-dimensional Arrays


Recursion, Try-Catch

Regular Expressions,

JavaScript eval, Date / Time objects

“The training course is very detailed and hands on. The instructor does a great job of taking students through the basics as well as more advanced automation related programming topics. Highly recommended to anyone considering a career in QA automation.”

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