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1. Pre-requisites & Eligibility

Given our small class size and fast pace, we are very selective in accepting students into our program.

To ensure that enrolling students get the most out of the program : graduate with requisite coding skills to ensure their real world success on the job, and also to uphold our reputation as a quality institution, we thoroughly vet prospective students by assessing their basic coding skills. For more information on pre-requisites, please see the individual course pre-requisites on the Courses page.

2. Application

We pride ourselves in delivering the best possible outcomes to our students in their Quality Engineering career.

The Application process consists of an initial phone interview, followed by an in-person interview / Zoom video call, and a technical screen process for assessing basic coding skills. For more information on specific course pre-requisites, please see the individual course information on the Courses page.

3. Review Process

Our prospective student enrollment acceptance is based on the technical skills assessment, industry fit, and the motivation and enthusiasm of the applicant to learn automation.

We believe that a key component of success in our program is the baseline technical skills of the applicant, with our intense curriculum helping the applicant to substantially grow in their automation coding skills. Also, we think long-term success in automation engineering career requires genuine enthusiasm and interest in the Quality Engineering field. As such, we incorporate these factors in our application review process.

4. Success

You will be welcomed into our thriving and rewarding learning environment.

As long as you satisfy all of the admissions and technical skills criteria, we will notify your acceptance into our program’s next available schedule on a first come first serve basis. It is very exciting for us to have the opportunity to see you grow and achieve your career goals working alongside with us. Congratulations on the milestone of starting this journey with us!